Take Back The Max Line

It’s time to take back our public transit system! I’m tired of the homeless being allowed to destroy public property, use the max train as bathrooms,  ride without tickets, leave their garbage on the trains, attack and accost paying riders while the managers and supervisors do nothing to protect the public paying riders.  

I need your help…I need your cameras. Take pictures, take video,  and submit them here so we can start getting a movement going. It’s time for change and since calling the TriMet customer service line changes nothing we need to make it public how bad it is for the paying public. 

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TriMet Doesn’t Listen

As a rider and user of our public transportation system I have watched as the services rendered have become unsafe and dangerous for the paying public. I have stepped in my last pile feces, sat in my last urine soaked seat, and all along the way I have brought this to the attention of the customer service and the supervisors at the platforms. I’m tired of being told there is nothing they can do and their hands are tied. 

I need your photos and videos. I’m going to make them public until we get the attention of the C-Suite employees at TriMet. It’s time for them to earn their paychecks which comes from our tax dollars. 



Send Me Your Pictures and Video’s.

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